Level measurement in bulk silos

Robust measuring devices for various silo systems

Areas of application for our measuring devices

At MBA Instruments, we manufacture level measuring devices for bulk silos.

Our solutions are tailored to the special storage conditions in silos. They ensure reliable level measurement, even under extreme conditions such as heat and dust or falling bulk solids. This prevents bottlenecks or failures in production and logistics.

With MBA measuring instruments, you can keep track of your silo fill levels!

Salt silos

Level measurement in salt silos is crucial to ensure the quality of the stored bulk solids. Due to the hygroscopic properties of salt, it is very important to keep moisture at a minimum level. Therefore, the silos are designed to ensure dry storage of the salt.

Salt silos

Sugar silos

Point level measurement in sugar is crucial for efficiency and quality in sugar production. Our MBA sensors offer a reliable solution for this demanding task. With their precision and robustness, they ensure accurate detection of the point level of sugar in silos and containers.

Sugar silos

Grain silos

Level measurement in high grain silos is a challenge. For example, the measuring devices have to cope with the high levels of dust generated when filling the silos. Even after filling, the atmosphere in the silo remains dusty. Measurement technology is required that does not affect the measurement despite the dust adhering to the device.

Grain silos

Flour silos

In order to plan production lines accordingly, the silo systems must be continuously monitored. As flour is a very dusty medium, level measurement is a challenging task. By using state-of-the-art sensor technology, we can measure fill levels in the narrow silo chambers precisely and reliably, even under the most demanding conditions.

Flour silos

Cement silos

Accurate and stable dosing of cement is a prerequisite for profitable concrete production and the associated quality concrete. To ensure this, reliable level measurement is required. The challenge for the correct measurement of cement is to find a system that measures reliably even in a dusty environment.

Cement silos

Gravel silos

Fill level monitoring is essential to ensure smooth operation in the lime silo. Overflow can lead to material spillage. As a result, production is delayed and/or has to be interrupted completely. Such delays cost time and money.

Gravel silos

Pellet storage

For continuous heat production using pellets, robust and safe monitoring of the fill level in the pellet storage is required. MBA's level measurement offers you a reliable solution to operate your pellet heating systems more efficiently and reduce operating costs at the same time. Our level measurement systems are specially developed to meet the challenges of handling pellet storage.

Pellet storage

Do you want to monitor fill levels precisely and reliably?

Let's talk about the right solution for your individual measuring environment. Our universal level measurement solutions are customisable and offer precision and reliability, no matter what environment you are working in.

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Special conditions in the bulk material silo

Not all bulk solids are the same. Some materials tend to form dust, while others have a high fat content or are particularly fragile.

Moving dry bulk goods in storage locations is often associated with hazardous dust formation.

Loose dust particles escape through the air movement, which leads to dust formation and thus to dust nuisance for employees. In addition, valuable material is lost.

One of the central challenges in the production, processing and storage of bulk solids is the safe separation of the resulting dust.

It is therefore essential for users to have precise knowledge of the bulk solids, the production process and the conditions on site.

It is important to specify the bulk solids, i.e. to know the exact bulk solids density, particle size, moisture and other parameters.

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Types of silos

The bulk solids that are to be stored in a silo are decisive for its development. Product-compatible operating behaviour plays a key role in ensuring that production runs safely and the quality of the bulk material is maintained. Bulk silos are designed according to their field of application.

High silos are used in agriculture and industry in particular. They are suitable for all free-flowing goods. These high silos are tall, cylindrically shaped storage facilities that are made of steel, concrete, stone or plastic, depending on their use. They usually reach a height of 10 to 20 metres. Taking into account the costs, the container material and the need to maximise the storage volume in the smallest possible space, a round or square container shape should be selected. While round silos offer cost advantages in particular, rectangular silos maximise storage volume.

Flat or mobile silos consist of a base plate with surrounding side walls. A plastic tarpaulin protects the stored bulk solids from above. This type of silo is used to store silage (animal feed preserved by fermentation).

Textile fabric silos are increasingly being used for the storage of wood pellets or animal feed. They are characterised by their flexible properties and variability in size.

MBA - Your partner for precise measurement results

Precision and unambiguity are the fundamental challenges of level measurement that MBA has been successfully solving for more than 50 years. Optimised for special requirements and applications, MBA's level measuring devices can be used in a wide variety of goods and containers - for reliable measurement results and precise action triggers.

The basis for precise level measurement: proven technology and many years of experience

From bucket elevators and storage silos to hoppers, ship loaders and transfer stations: Our technologies in the field of level measurement are characterised by coordinated measuring principles and the greatest possible scope for your applications.

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MBA measuring devices for level measurement

Rotating paddle detector

MBA Instruments' rotating paddle detectors - the proven solution for full, demand and empty detection in silos - enable reliable and accurate measurement of the point levels of goods such as granulate or sludge. In contrast to continuous measuring devices that monitor height variations of a fill level in silos, rotating paddle detectors react immediately as soon as a certain level is reached.

Membrane switch

Our high-quality membrane switches are ideal for different applications and environments. The mechanical measuring devices can be used in containers, silos and conveyor systems. Independent of an external power supply, they enable precise measurements in various bulk solids.

Vibrating level switch

Our vibrating level switches are designed to provide the highest precision and reliability for your measuring environment. They generate continuous vibrations in a container, which are influenced by the bulk solids inside. As soon as the fill level reaches the predefined limit value, the vibrating level switch registers the change in the vibration response.

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