Service and calibration

of conductivity measuring instruments

MBA calibration standards

for accurate measurements and optimum instrument performance

For conductivity measurement by MBA measuring instruments, we rely on calibration standards that enable precise adjustment of the measuring devices. These standards not only ensure accurate calibration, but also continuous monitoring to ensure that the measuring instruments always remain operational.

We understand how important accurate readings are to the smooth operation of your equipment and use our expertise to ensure your instruments are at their best.

Our dedicated service team is on hand to take care of the adjustment and calibration of your measuring instruments.

Maintenance of MBA measuring instruments

One of the outstanding features of our MBA measuring instruments is their minimal need for electronic adjustments during operation. This means that you can rely on the long-lasting and reliable performance of our devices without the need for constant intervention or adjustment.

Our probes and display units are designed to withstand the rigours of the industrial environment and provide accurate measurements over a long period of time. Thanks to this reliability, you minimise maintenance costs and benefit from seamless integration of our measuring instruments into your processes.

Challenge: Temperature changes during the measurement

Temperature plays a decisive role in the conductivity measurement of oils. Changes in temperature can significantly affect conductivity values and jeopardise the accuracy of measurements. At MBA Instruments, we recognise the importance of this challenge and offer innovative solutions to ensure that your conductivity measurements in oil are always accurate and reliable. Our conductivity sensors are highly accurate and offer high sensitivity in detecting conductivity changes due to temperature fluctuations. This enables even more accurate monitoring and control of oils in various applications, including the mineral oils and rolling oil industries.

Comprehensive service in your neighbourhood

At MBA Instruments, we not only offer high-quality conductivity sensors, but also comprehensive services to ensure that your requirements for precision and reliability are met. Together with our worldwide sales partners, we provide the best products and comprehensive service at our Quickborn site. Customer requests can be realised quickly, spontaneously and with consistently high quality. Installation and service teams work closely together on national and international projects.

Our service for you

Fast and reliable support for all aspects of conductivity measurement

Expert advice

Our competent team is on hand to provide you with expert advice. We will help you select the right conductivity sensors and offer solutions for your individual requirements.

Calibration and customisation

Our experts calibrate and adjust your conductivity sensors to ensure they always provide accurate readings. We offer regular maintenance and calibration services to maintain the performance of your devices.

Training and support

We offer training and technical support to ensure your team can get the most out of our conductivity sensors. We are available to answer any questions or problems and help you get the most out of your measurements.

Spare parts and accessories

If required, we provide high-quality spare parts and accessories for your conductivity sensors to ensure that they are always ready for use. Our stock includes a wide range of components for your devices.

MBA is your partner for reliable results

Precision and reliability are the fundamental challenges of conductivity measurement, which MBA has been successfully solving for more than 50 years. Optimised for special requirements and applications, MBA's conductivity measuring devices are used in a wide variety of liquids and environments - for reliable measurement results and precise action triggers.

The basis for precise conductivity measurement: modern technology and many years of experience

Our systems for continuous and stationary conductivity measurement of flowing light oils can be used in a wide variety of areas - from rolling mills and tank farms to airports. Whether as manual or continuous in-line measurement in the pipeline: The technology of our devices and systems has proven itself in worldwide use for several decades.

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