Rotating paddle detectors from MBA Instruments

Precise level measurement for smooth processes

Reliable measurement of point levels

The process industry relies on the precise monitoring of fill levels in bulk silos.

Rotating paddle detectors from MBA Instruments prove their worth as full, demand or empty detectors in silos, hoppers and process containers. Depending on individual requirements, they precisely measure the point levels of materials such as granulate, dust or sludge. Proven technology meets versatility - our rotating paddle detectors offer a reliable method for measuring fill levels.

We develop universally applicable rotating paddle detectors for measuring point levels.

Rotary paddle switches in industrial plant engineering

In contrast to measuring devices that continuously measure the height variations of a fill level in silos, rotating paddle detectors strike as soon as a certain height is reached.

A stepper motor in the device head causes the shaft and paddle to rotate slowly. When the bulk solids enclose the paddle, the rotation is blocked. This condition is recognised electronically. In normal operating mode, the stepper motor is then stopped immediately. In function mode with direction of rotation reversal, the direction of rotation is reversed instead; the stepper motor is only stopped if the sash is also blocked in this direction of rotation. The blocked state is signalled by a switching contact. When the bulk solids release the sash again, the stepper motor starts again automatically. The status signal is deactivated and the vane rotates again.

Rotating paddle detectors are used across all industries in industrial plant engineering. They are installed either as empty, full or on-demand detectors. The respective signalling form ensures the smooth and continuous use of the stored bulk solids.

MBA products

Level switches from the MBA800 series are robust electromechanical measuring devices.

They detect the presence of bulk solids at the installation location and are designed to monitor the fill level of a bulk solids container. The possible applications are diverse.

Find out more about our customised device versions.

Füllstandsmessgerät MBA800 von vorn mit geöffnetem Kopf

Rotary paddle detector MBA800

The MBA800 electronic, digital rotary paddle series is based on innovative stepper motor technology. The torque and therefore the sensitivity of the device is variably adjustable.


Rotary paddle detector MBA888

The plug-and-play version MBA888 is ideal for quick commissioning. All parameters are already set for the most common applications in this version, but can also be individually programmed for fast response times and safety as a customer request.

Frontansicht des Füllstandsmessgerätes MBA888 vor weißem Hintergrund
Seitenansicht des MBA801 vor weißem Hintergrund

Rotary paddle detector MBA801 Halfpipe

Thanks to the new MBA801 rotary paddle product series with halfpipe, the modern MBA level indicators with stepper motor technology can be used in even more bulk solids.

MBA801 Halfpipe

Advantages of MBA rotating paddle level switches

These properties characterise the product series:

Digital measure­ment technology

The digital technology of the MBA measuring device series ensures optimum performance in almost all bulk solids.

High process reliability

Our rotary paddle detectors are completely sealed so that dust or moisture cannot penetrate.

Reliable stepping motor

The powerful motor can be adjusted in terms of torque, rotation speed and reaction time.

Explosion protection

The entire rotary paddle detector series is ATEX type-tested and can therefore be used in all areas of application.

With the rotating paddle detector system, we can make much better use of the storage space in our silos for lime and soda ash!

Thorsten Peter, Project Manager Chemical Production at Dräger

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Further measurement solutions

of the MBA level measurement

Vibrating level switch

Are you looking for a reliable measurement solution? Our MBA vibrating level switches could be the answer. They generate continuous vibrations in a container, which are influenced by the bulk solids or liquid inside. As soon as the fill level reaches the predefined limit value, the vibration reaction changes, which is precisely detected by the vibrating level switch.

Membrane switch

Do you want to safely monitor point levels in your silo? Our membrane switches are purely mechanical measuring devices that are used in containers and silos as well as in conveyor systems such as conveyor belts. Gentle pressure of the bulk solids on the stainless steel diaphragm of the switch triggers a switching process. Just 950 grams of bulk solids are enough to initiate this process.

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