Continuous conductivity measurement

for continuous monitoring of electrical conductivity values

Continuous measurement of conductivity in flowing light oils

Continuous conductivity measurement is considered a key technology in industry, research and environmental monitoring. MBA Instruments is your expert for all aspects of continuous conductivity measurement in light oils. Our expertise consists of industry and application specific know-how. From the selection of suitable measuring devices to implementation and maintenance, we offer a holistic approach that ensures your processes run efficiently and safely.

Our comprehensive support covers the entire life cycle of your systems and processes.

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With the MLA1000, MBA Instruments is setting a milestone in continuous conductivity measurement of light oils. The state-of-the-art measuring device performs precise and reliable measurements in real time while ensuring the safety of your processes.

MLA1000 mit Messsonde und befestigter Displayeinheit


The stationary measurement of the electrical conductivity value in oil with the MLA1000 enables airports, pipeline operators or refueling companies to improve the safety of fuel transport and reduce the use of additives. Light mineral oils can be tested in-line, directly and continuously.


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Principle of measurement of continuous conductivity measurement

Continuous conductivity measurement is carried out by inserting special sensors or probes into the liquid flow. The sensors continuously measure the electrical resistance of the liquid as it flows through the pipe. Based on the measured values, additives can be added according to the principle "as much as necessary - as little as possible".

The measured resistance is then converted into conductivity. This enables continuous monitoring of conductivity throughout the process, which is important in many industrial applications and production processes.

How it works in a nutshell:

  1. Flow of paraffin through the pipework
  2. Measurement of conductivity with a measuring device in the pipeline
  3. Comparison of the measured value with the target value; possible control of the additive supply
  4. Injection of the required quantity of additives

Differentiation from mobile conductivity measurement

The main difference between continuous conductivity measurement and mobile conductivity measurement lies in the way the measurements are carried out and the context in which they are used. With mobile conductivity measurement, the conductivity is measured at longer intervals using individual laboratory samples or measuring devices. The dosage of the necessary additives is then often only estimated. Mobile conductivity measurement makes it possible to carry out conductivity measurements at different locations as the measuring device is portable and mobile.

Continuous conductivity measurement, on the other hand, aims to monitor the conductivity of a liquid during the continuous operation of a system. By continuously controlling the additive dosing, the conductivity of a product cannot fall below a certain level. This ensures that, on the one hand, the safety-relevant concentration of additives is not undercut and, on the other hand, that the maximum conductivity value specified for optimum operation is not exceeded.

Both methods have their advantages and are used depending on the specific requirements and areas of application.

Further areas of application

Continuous conductivity measurement is used in various application areas, especially in industry and research. In scientific research, continuous conductivity measurement plays a role in a variety of studies, whether in chemistry, biology or environmental science. It helps researchers to accurately monitor and understand changes in solutions or environments.

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