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Measurement of electrical conductivity in industrial oil pipelines

Conductivity measurement for safety and environmental protection

The electrostatic charging of mineral oils with low conductivity can have serious consequences, from material damage to potentially life-threatening explosions. It is therefore of utmost importance to carefully monitor the conductivity of these substances and ensure that it remains within safe limits. This is not only a regulatory requirement under the Technical Rule for Hazardous Substances TRGS 727, but also an ethical obligation to protect employees, facilities and the environment.

MBA is committed to recognising such operational challenges and developing solutions to ensure safety and efficiency in these processes.

We offer our customers state-of-the-art technology to accurately and reliably monitor the conductivity of non-conductive liquids.

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Conductivity measurement in tank storage facilities

Safety and efficiency in the fuel industry

As the name implies, electrical conductivity is used to determine how well a material conducts electricity. Due to the low electrical conductivity of the raw materials handled in tank storage facilities, magnetic-inductive measurement methods are not an option.

Fuels are additised to avoid a possible explosion hazard. Our measuring devices are designed, certified and approved for conductivity measurements in light mineral oils such as turbine fuel (paraffin, Jet A-1) or rolling oil. Whether as manual or continuous in-line measurement in the pipeline - the technology of our devices and systems has proven itself in worldwide use for several decades.

The conductivity measuring instruments from MBA

Our products are characterised by the highest quality and safety standards and are specially tailored to your individual application. Our measurement technology not only enables more efficient, but also safer work processes. This allows you to concentrate fully on your core business while we take care of the precise measurement of conductivity.

Together we will find the right solution for your measuring environment.

Continuous conductivity measurement in paraffin

We are your partner for all matters relating to continuous conductivity measurement in light oils. The use of our measuring instruments enables pipeline operators to optimise safety standards when transporting fuel and at the same time reduce the need for additives.

Continuous conductivity measurement

Mobile conductivity measurement in paraffin

The mobile measuring instruments are suitable for mobile individual measurements of conductivity in tank storage facilities. The specialised devices enable the conductivity value to be checked quickly and precisely on site.

Mobile conductivity measurement

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Advantages of MBA conductivity measurement in paraffin

These properties characterise our measuring instruments:

Monitoring of production processes

In industrial processes, especially in the petrochemical industry, conductivity measurement enables real-time monitoring of the production process.

Avoidance of contamination

By continuously monitoring conductivity, operators can take early action to avoid contamination.

Environmental protection

MBA conductivity measurement contributes to safety and environmental protection by helping to detect leaks or unwanted spills.

Precision and reliability

MBA conductivity measuring devices offer accuracy in conductivity measurement. This is crucial for recognising potentially dangerous fluctuations in conductivity.

Are you looking for conductivity measuring instruments for your tank storage facility?

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Storage of fuels

Importance of conductivity measurement in tank storage facilities

Tank storage facilities are facilities in which fuels and combustibles are stored. They consist of several individual tanks. They can be designed as above-ground, underground or floating units. Light mineral oils are refined, stored and handled. The highest safety regulations apply, especially when aviation fuels are involved. Conductivity measurement in fluids occurs in a wide variety of applications.

The tanks can be made of different materials. In the field of tank storage, the most common are steel or concrete, combined with various plastics. The construction materials and types for the various products are specified in DIN standards.

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Further areas of application

conductivity measurement


When handling petroleum products with low electrical conductivity, such as paraffin, high electrostatic charging can occur. To prevent the risk of ignition or explosion when discharged by sparks, the conductivity must be increased by additives. Reliable conductivity measurement is therefore necessary. MBA conductivity meters are a crucial part of our efforts to ensure safety and efficiency in the handling of petroleum products.

Aluminium rolling mills

Filters are used in rolling mills to clean the oil, but this also contributes to a reduction in conductivity. Oil circulation systems are susceptible to electrostatic charging due to friction caused by the oil. If the electrical charge in an oil circulation system increases and eventually becomes too great, an electrostatic discharge takes place, which poses a potential explosion hazard with flammable liquids. Measuring the conductivity of the oil helps to prevent damage to the tank.

Paint production

Solvents and paints have low conductivity, so the risk of electrostatic charging is very high. This can result in material damage to the pipes and, in the worst case, there is a risk of explosions. Accurate and reliable conductivity measurement is therefore essential. At MBA, we understand the essential role of conductivity measurement in the handling of light mineral oils, including solvents and paints. We offer solutions that ensure the safety and efficiency of your processes.

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