Membrane switch

Mechanical diaphragm point level measurement for bulk solids

High-quality mechanical measuring devices for bulk solids

Are you looking for uncomplicated measuring devices for level measurement in your company?

Our membrane switches are mechanical measuring devices that are used in containers, silos, on conveyors and conveyor belts. Our measurement technology does not require an external power supply, which makes installation and use particularly straightforward - the ideal choice for measuring bulk solids.

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Proven measurement technology for silos

With its proven yet innovative technology, the MBA100 membrane switch is the essence of precision and reliability. It fulfils central tasks in the point level measurement of free-flowing bulk solids, granulates, powders or pellets.

Füllstandsmessgerät MBA100 schräg von vorn vor weißem Hintergrund


The MBA100 mechanical membrane switch reliably measures the point level in free-flowing bulk solids such as granulates, powders or animal feed. Light pressure from the bulk solid on the stainless steel membrane triggers a switching operation.


Simple and effective operation

The mechanical membrane switch reliably detects the point level in bulk solids with a free-flowing consistency. The components are a diaphragm, usually made of stainless steel, which forms the surface. It reacts to pressure from free-flowing bulk solids. There is also a microswitch that is activated by the movement of the diaphragm. In addition, the membrane switch consists of an electrical circuit for processing the signal from the microswitch - this can be connected to displays or controls. The whole is enclosed in a housing.

Our membrane switches utilise a purely mechanical principle of measurement. The way it works is as simple as it is effective: the gentle pressure of the bulk solids on the stainless steel membrane of the switch triggers a switching process. This means that even small amounts of bulk solids, as little as 950 grams, are sufficient to initiate the switching process. This precision is crucial for the accurate detection of fill levels in tanks, silos and other containers.

Areas of application for membrane switches

Membrane switches are used in a wide range of applications where accurate monitoring of fill levels is crucial.

In power plants, membrane switches monitor the fill level of fuel tanks and cooling liquids to ensure safe and efficient energy generation.

Membrane switches are essential when processing bulk solids such as sand, gravel and cement in order to control the fill level in silos and bunkers and avoid bottlenecks.

Membrane switches are used in transport vehicles such as tankers and ships to monitor the fill level of liquids and bulk solids and to increase the safety and efficiency of transport.

Membrane switches play an important role in monitoring grain storage, feed and fertilisers in agriculture in order to optimise stock management.

These switches are used in environmental monitoring systems to measure the fill level of water bodies and rivers and to take flood protection measures.

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Advantages of MBA membrane switches

Our membrane switches enable extremely accurate detection of fill levels, even with small quantities of material. This ensures that you always receive accurate and reliable information about the fill level of your containers and tanks. They have been specially developed for use in demanding industrial environments and can withstand adverse conditions. This ensures their durability and reliability over long periods of time.

The simple installation and maintenance of MBA membrane switches make them particularly user-friendly. They can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems, saving time and effort. In addition, they require only minimal maintenance, which keeps operating costs low. MBA membrane switches also contribute to the safety of your systems. By accurately monitoring fill levels, they minimise the risk of overflow or undersupply, which prevents potential hazards in industrial processes.

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Other methods for level measurement

Rotating paddle detector

Precise measurements and reliable controls are crucial in the process industry. Thanks to their versatility and adaptability, MBA rotating paddle detectors have proven themselves in a wide range of applications. Depending on the individual requirements, they are used as full, demand or empty detectors in silos, hoppers and process vessels.

Vibrating level switch

Are you looking for a reliable measurement solution? Our MBA vibrating level switches could be the answer. They generate continuous vibrations in a container, which are influenced by the bulk solids or liquid inside. As soon as the fill level reaches the predefined limit value, the vibration reaction changes, which is precisely detected by the vibrating level switch.

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