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Level measuring devices

Here you will find an overview of our level measurement products.

Füllstandsmessgerät MBA800 von vorn mit geöffnetem Kopf

Rotary paddle detector MBA800

The MBA800 electronic, digital rotary paddle series is based on innovative stepper motor technology. The torque and therefore the sensitivity of the device is variably adjustable.


Rotary paddle detector MBA888

The plug-and-play version MBA888 is ideal for quick commissioning. All parameters are already set for the most common applications in this version, but can also be individually programmed for fast response times and safety as a customer request.

Frontansicht des Füllstandsmessgerätes MBA888 vor weißem Hintergrund
Seitenansicht des MBA801 vor weißem Hintergrund

Rotary paddle detector MBA801 Halfpipe

Thanks to the new MBA801 rotary paddle product series with halfpipe, the modern MBA level indicators with stepper motor technology can be used in even more bulk solids.

MBA801 Halfpipe


The MBA700 vibrating paddle has a highly sensitive sensor inside its robust housing. This makes it particularly suitable for light and powdery bulk solids.

Detailaufnahme vom Schwingflügel des Füllstandsmessgerätes MBA700
Füllstandsmessgerät MBA100 schräg von vorn vor weißem Hintergrund


The MBA100 mechanical membrane switch reliably measures the point level in free-flowing bulk solids such as granulates, powders or animal feed. Light pressure from the bulk solid on the stainless steel membrane triggers a switching operation.


Conductivity measuring devices

Get an overview of our product portfolio in the field of conductivity measurement. Detailed information on our products can be found via the corresponding links.

MLA1000 mit Messsonde und befestigter Displayeinheit


The stationary measurement of the electrical conductivity value in oil with the MLA1000 enables airports, pipeline operators or refueling companies to improve the safety of fuel transport and reduce the use of additives. Light mineral oils can be tested in-line, directly and continuously.



The MLA900 is suitable for mobile individual measurements of the conductivity of kerosene. The rugged device indicates whether the safety-relevant conductivity value has been achieved by adding sufficient additives.

MLA900 Display mit Schutzklappe und verbundener Messsonde vor weißem Hintergrund

Measuring method from MBA Instruments

Rotating paddle detector

Our versatile rotating paddle detectors enable precise measurement of point levels of materials such as granules, dust or sludge, and provide a reliable method of measuring fill levels. Unlike continuous measuring devices that monitor height variations of a fill level in silos, rotating paddle detectors react immediately as soon as a certain level is reached.

Membrane switch

Membrane switches are purely mechanical measuring devices that are used in containers, silos and conveyor systems such as conveyor belts. Their outstanding feature is their independence from an external power supply. The mechanical membrane switch reliably detects the point level in free-flowing bulk solids.

Vibrating level switch

The MBA vibrating level switches are designed to offer maximum precision and reliability. With the MBA700, we offer a reliable solution as overfill protection or empty level indicator for granulated and powdered bulk solids. The highly sensitive sensor provides the control centre with precise information when the maximum fill level in the silo is reached.

Continuous conductivity measurement

By using stationary and continuous measurement of the electrical conductivity value, airports, pipeline operators and refuelling companies have the opportunity to increase safety standards when transporting fuel. At the same time, it opens up the opportunity to reduce the need for additives.

Mobile conductivity measurement

Whether in hazardous areas or other challenging applications, MBA Instruments develops portable measuring devices that are approved for use in explosive atmospheres. Our mobile conductivity meters are specially designed to provide reliable measurements even in the most challenging environments.

Service and calibration

At MBA, we use calibration standards to carry out conductivity measurements, which enable precise adjustment of the measuring devices. These standards not only guarantee exact calibration, but also ensure continuous monitoring to ensure that the measuring instruments are always ready for operation.

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