Vibrating level switch from MBA Instruments

for level measurement in dusty or abrasive environments

Reliable point level measurement with MBA Instruments

Vibrating level switches are reliable measuring instruments for point level measurement in bulk silos.

Our vibrating level switches offer maximum precision and reliability for process control in industrial plants. They generate continuous vibrations that are influenced by the bulk solids inside the storage container. As soon as the fill level reaches the limit value, the vibration reaction changes, which is precisely detected by the point level switch.

Our MBA700 is suitable as overfill protection or empty detector for granulated and powdered bulk solids.

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Proven technology for a wide range of industries

Whether you work in the chemical industry, food processing, mining or agriculture, the MBA700 vibrating level switch offers the safety and efficiency you need. Rely on MBA's proven technology for precise and reliable point level measurement.

Detailaufnahme vom Schwingflügel des Füllstandsmessgerätes MBA700


The MBA700 vibrating paddle has a highly sensitive sensor inside its robust housing. This makes it particularly suitable for light and powdery bulk solids.


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Principle of measurement of the vibration switches

A vibrating level switch usually consists of a vibrating element, a sensor unit, electronics, cables and connections and is usually enclosed in a protective housing. The main component is available in different versions. The vibrating fork and vibrating rod are differentiated from each other due to their mechanical structure, although they share the same functional principle. The vibrating element generates vibrations that are detected by the sensor unit. The electronics are used for signal processing.

The highly sensitive sensor, packaged in a robust housing, interacts with the vibrating metal rod to inform the control centre when the maximum fill level in the silo has been reached. This allows the maximum volume to be fully utilised for an economical production process. When the vibrating level switch reports the silo as "full", the filling process is automatically stopped.

Versatile applications

Vibrating level switches are innovative measuring devices that have a wide range of applications in various industrial sectors. Their precise and reliable ability to monitor fill levels makes them indispensable instruments in numerous processes.

In the chemical industry, vibrating level switches are used to monitor fill levels of chemicals in tanks and containers. This ensures the safety and efficiency of chemical processes.

Vibrating level switches are used in food processing to monitor flour, sugar, grain and other bulk solids. They contribute to compliance with quality standards and hygiene regulations.

Vibrating level switches are used in agriculture to monitor grain stocks and animal feed. They help with replenishment planning and warehouse management.

When processing bulk solids such as sand, gravel and cement, vibrating level switches are indispensable for controlling the fill level in silos and bunkers and avoiding bottlenecks.

In power plants, vibrating level switches monitor the fill level of fuel tanks and coolants to ensure safe and efficient power generation.

Do you want to monitor fill levels precisely and reliably?

Let's talk about the right solution for your individual measuring environment. Our universal level measurement solutions are customisable and offer precision and reliability, no matter what environment you are working in.

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Advantages of MBA vibrating level switches

The use of MBA vibration measurement technology has many advantages. The sword-shaped rod, similar to a vane, prevents deposits during the measurement thanks to its vibrations. It vibrates at a frequency of 290 Hz, which is so low that the vane cannot "shovel itself free". This means that incorrect measurements due to cavities can be reliably avoided. If the bulk material touches the vane, the vibration is damped and a binary signal is switched. If the sinking bulk material releases the vane again, it starts to vibrate again and the signal switches back.

MBA's vibrating level switches can therefore virtually "feel" the fill level, even with extremely light bulk solids such as polystyrene balls. The MBA vibrating level switch is made of stainless steel and all parts in contact with the product are made of stainless steel. The latter is particularly important for hygiene in food production. The vibrating paddle measures regardless of most bulk material properties, whether in tea leaves, sand or flour. In addition, the vibrating level switch has a significant advantage over vibrating forks: due to the single-rod measuring method, jamming of the bulk material is simply not possible.

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Further measuring solutions for level measurement

Rotating paddle detector

Precise measurements and reliable controls are crucial in the process industry. Thanks to their versatility and adaptability, MBA rotating paddle detectors have proven themselves in a wide range of applications. Depending on the individual requirements, they are used as full, demand or empty detectors in silos, hoppers and process vessels.

Membrane switch

Do you want to safely monitor point levels in your silo? Our membrane switches are purely mechanical measuring devices that are used in containers and silos as well as in conveyor systems such as conveyor belts. Gentle pressure of the bulk solids on the stainless steel diaphragm of the switch triggers a switching process. Just 950 grams of bulk solids are enough to initiate this process.

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