Single measurement of conductivity in light oils

Mobile conductivity measurement

The MLA900 is suitable for mobile individual measurements of the conductivity of kerosene. The rugged device "made in Germany" indicates whether the safety-relevant conductivity value has been achieved by adding sufficient additives. It is suitable for field use, approved for use in explosive atmospheres and is listed in ASTM D2624 as a standard measuring method.

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Operating instructions MLA900 Brochure conductivity measurement

Product information

  • Conductivity: 0 to 1,999 pS/m
  • Portable, rugged field device according to DIN 51412
  • Explosion protection: ATEX II 1/2 G EEx ia IIB T6
  • 3-year guarantee on the electrical function of the sensor
  • Factory calibration is only required every 3 years
  • Battery for up to 1,000 operating hours
  • Made in Germany
Mobiler Messstab mit Sonde des MLA900

Measure safety-relevant conductivity values with the MLA900

Liquids with insufficient electrical conductivity can become electrostatically charged at high flow rates. If they are flammable liquids, there is a risk of ignition due to sparking during the electrical discharge. In petroleum products such as kerosene and light mineral oils, the conductivity is therefore increased by additives - the electrostatic charge is dissipated to the tank or pipeline wall.

For safety reasons, a minimum conductivity is prescribed for kerosene. The MLA900 is used to check whether the safety-relevant conductivity value has been achieved by adding sufficient additives. The device is approved for use in explosive gas atmospheres and is included in the ASTM D2624 list as a standard measuring method. The robust measuring device "made in Germany" is equipped with an easy-to-understand and clear display that is easy to read. We grant a three-year guarantee on the electrical function of the sensor.

Properties of our products for conductivity measurement

What characterises our MLA900 continuous conductivity measurement system

Easy handling

Large dual display for conductivity and temperature; easy to check function and display accuracy

Precise measurement results and displays

Precise measurement results as well as limit value, function and status messages

Robust construction

Designed for use in harsh environments; reliable operation even under adverse conditions

Additive control

Monitoring the addition of additives to ensure that the fuel meets the applicable safety standards and guarantees reliable aviation fuel quality

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