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MBA Instruments develops robust and portable measuring devices that are approved for use in explosive atmospheres. Our experts have industry and application-specific expertise and are on hand to provide you with professional support. Our portable conductivity meters are designed to perform reliable measurements even in the most demanding environments.

Whether in hazardous areas or other challenging applications, our devices offer you the flexibility and safety you need.

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Importance of conductivity measurement for flammable liquids

Liquids with insufficient electrical conductivity can become electrostatically charged. In the case of flammable liquids, there is a risk of ignition due to sparking. For safety reasons, a minimum conductivity is prescribed for light oils such as paraffin. Mobile conductivity measuring devices check whether the safety-relevant conductivity value has been achieved by adding sufficient additives.

Safety risks due to electrostatic charging

The dangers that can arise from the electrostatic charging of liquids must be taken seriously. Especially with flammable liquids such as paraffin, sparking can become a potential source of ignition. An important step in this process is to ensure that the conductivity has been brought to the required level, for example by adding additives or other suitable measures.

Strict safety regulations and standards are in place to ensure that light oils such as paraffin have the required minimum conductivity and can therefore be handled safely. This is where mobile conductivity meters from MBA Instruments come into play. The specialised devices enable the conductivity value to be checked quickly and precisely on site.

MBA product portfolio

MBA Instruments is setting a milestone in mobile conductivity measurement with the MLA900, a mobile measuring instrument that enables the conductivity of light oils to be measured precisely and quickly at different locations.

MLA900 Display mit Schutzklappe und verbundener Messsonde vor weißem Hintergrund


The MLA900 is suitable for mobile individual measurements of the conductivity of kerosene. The rugged device indicates whether the safety-relevant conductivity value has been achieved by adding sufficient additives.


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principle of measurement

For mobile conductivity measurement, a portable measuring device equipped with a conductivity probe is used. The probe is immersed in the liquid to be measured. The measuring device generates a weak electric current between the electrodes of the probe. The liquid, which contains dissolved ions, conducts the current. The amount of current conducted is measured and converted into the conductivity of the liquid. The measuring device then shows the conductivity value on its display. Mobile conductivity measurement is quick and easy to carry out. The technology is also not susceptible to polarisation effects.

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Mobile vs. continuous conductivity measurement

Mobile conductivity measurement offers the flexibility to take measurements manually at different locations. This method is particularly useful when it comes to occasional checks or targeted measurements at different locations. It makes it possible to monitor specific points or areas where regular, continuous monitoring may not be required. Continuous conductivity measurement is automated in industrial processes to ensure constant and uninterrupted conductivity monitoring.

The choice between these two methods depends on the specific requirements and applications. Mobile conductivity measurement is well suited for situations where periodic or site-specific measurements are sufficient. On the other hand, continuous conductivity measurement is essential when constant monitoring of conductivity in an industrial process is required to ensure that the desired standards and safety regulations are met.

Further areas of application

Mobile measurement is often used to carry out quick or occasional conductivity checks at different locations or in different liquid samples. In addition to its use in aviation, mobile conductivity measurement is used in other areas of application. In industry, especially in chemical and petrochemical plants, mobile conductivity measurement is important for monitoring the conductivity of process liquids. This ensures compliance with production standards and safety regulations.

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