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Rotary paddle detector MBA801 Halfpipe

Level switch for bulk solids

Level switch with stepper motor technology

Thanks to the new MBA801 rotary paddle product series with halfpipe, the modern MBA level indicators with stepper motor technology can be used in even more bulk solids. The wing in the halfpipe is directed downwards by 90° and is therefore ideal for horizontal, i.e. lateral, installation in silos. This means that the new level switches can be used in positions where level measurement was previously not possible. As the shaft and vane under the roof are completely protected from falling bulk material, the MBA801 Halfpipe can also be used in the bulk stream: The falling bulk solids has no influence on the measurement.

Find out more about the MBA801 Halfpipe! Important information and details about the product can be downloaded here.

Operating instructions MBA801 Halfpipe Brochure level measurement ATEX certificate

Product information

  • Wear-free drive technology
  • High number of variants
  • Innovative measuring method
  • ATEX / IECEx certified
  • Vibration insensitivity
  • High temperature resistance
Anwendung des MBA801 Halfpipe im Schüttgutsilo

Areas of application

The MBA801 Halfpipe level indicator offers maximum application versatility, regardless of bulk material properties.

The extra-strong shaft (12 mm shaft diameter) is mounted with the permanently welded-on paddle under a protective cover so that it is optimally protected from heavy or abrasive bulk material. The blade swivels 120° underneath the protective roof. The swivel prevents material from wrapping around the shaft or jamming the blade and indicating false alarms. If the bulk material in the silo rises and blocks the pivoting blade, an electrical signal is emitted.

The MBA801 Halfpipe can be used, for example

  • as a full detector, empty detector or demand detector in the silo
  • as a backwater detector in the downpipe
  • for measurement above discharge screws or similar conveyor systems
  • in transfer stations
  • below the discharge edge of conveyor belts

Features of our products for level measurement

What characterises our MBA801 Halfpipe

Process reliability

Precise and reliable measurements, even in demanding environments; ready for use in just a few steps; direct drive without gearbox, return spring and leaf spring

Parameter sets individually adjustable

Switching behaviour, speed and swivel range of 120° can be set as parameter sets; sensitivity of the device can be set separately

Simple assembly

Simple installation, robust mechanics, independent of application-related boundary conditions, adjustable application levels (parameter sets)

Halfpipe as a firmly welded protective roof

12 mm shaft with welded-on sash, protective roof directly above the shaft, 2-fold seal to the process connection, only 90 mm opening to the silo

MBA product configurator

Configure exactly the right MBA measuring device for your individual application! #tothepoint

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